Home Connecta Flexi Data

Get Home Connecta DealsHome Connecta Deals allows you to connect to your world with Cell C Home Connecta choice.

Home Connecta offers a widest LTE internet coverage in south Africa with the best speed you deserve.

Connecta LTE allows you to enjoy a happy home by keeping everyone connected with HOME Connecta Flexi Deal.

The table below provides an overview of the new Cell C Home Connecta Flexi prepaid LTE plans;

Cell C Home Connecta Flexi
Package Anytime Data Nite Data Validity Carry Over Price
10GB 5GB 5GB 30 days 30 days R59
20GB 10GB 10GB 30 days 30 days R139
50GB 25GB 25GB 30 days 30 days R179
100GB 50GB 50GB 30 days 30 days R199
200GB 100GB 100GB 30 days 30 days R389
400GB 200GB 200GB 30 days 30 days R699
1TB 1TB 30 days 30 days R899